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I’m completely overhauling my self-directed learning course with a focus on simplicity and safety for self-teaching. It will include not only evidence based best practices, but the practices will be tailored for safely self-teaching fertility awareness. Help me build the perfect course for you!


Easy to understand and the simplest approaches to charting fertility signs.

EVidence Based

The guidelines are be evidence based best practices in fertility charting.


The practices recommended are specifically tailored for safe self-teaching.

MY Story

Tami Stroud

I’m a certified fertility awareness educator with training from multiple Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs), including Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM), the SymptoTherm Foundation (Sympto), and WOOMB International (Billings). I have over 10 years experience charting lots of different FABMs. I have also worked as a doula and childbirth educator in the past. I have a Bachelor of Education degree and have worked in various capacities teaching, coaching, and mentoring women for the past decade. I love helping people find the perfect, customized approach to fertility charting that is suited to them as individuals. How can I help you learn fertility awareness?

Your Fertility In Your Hands

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Who Should Use This Course?

Fertility charting is relatively simple to start, especially for healthy women with regular cycles. Here are some specific parameters regarding who is best suited for self-teaching using this course

You are absolutely welcome to go through this course to get a foundational understanding of fertility awareness even if you are outside of these parameters, but it’s important to me that you clearly understand this course’s limitations and know when you should reach out to work directly with an instructor.

women with regular cycles

This course is for women with regular cycles that are 24-35 days long and experience less than 7 days variation in cycle length over a year. If you experience cycles outside this range, then please work directly with instructor to better understand your individual cycle variation.

women ages 18-40

This course is best suited for women between the ages of 18-40. Now, it is absolutely possible to fertility chart outside of that age range. Women can chart their fertility cycles from menarche to menopause. However, before 18 women may still be in a hormonal transition phase from their puberty transition. It’s perfectly ok to self assess this and decide you’ve had regular cycles for the last year, so it’s probably fine, because you are transitioning towards more regular cycles. Over 40 you are more likely to be experience hormonal transition from premenopause and transitioning away from more regular cycles. Again, you can self assess this, however, if you have had any symptoms of premenopause, not just cycle related symptoms, then it’s best to learn premenopause cycle charting rules, which are not specifically covered in this course.

Women Avoiding Pregnancy

This course is primarily for women wanting to learn fertility charting to avoid pregnancy. This course does not contain information targeted towards charting for health or charting to achieve a pregnancy. There are definitely some overlapping principals, which are contained in this course, but the focus of the course is self teaching fertility charting to avoid pregnancy.

Women with healthy cycles

This course is not recommended for those in hormonal transition, such as postpartum, breastfeeding, or premenopausal, and not for those with known reproductive pathology, such as PCOS or endometriosis. It is absolutely possible for women to fertility chart under all of those circumstances, but you should work directly with an instructor to get individualized feedback on your personal cycle patterns, because they will likely not be easy, "textbook" cycle patterns.

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If your application to be a Starry Fertility Beta Tester is accepted, then you will invited to purchase a beta version of the self-directed course at a rate HEAVILY DISCOUNTED off what the final course will be sold for. We may do multiple rounds of beta testing, and if so, will decrease the discount as we go along. So apply early to get the best discount. Once you are a beta tester, you will have input into all the updates and improvements made to the course and you will have access to the finished course once it is finalized at no extra cost. You will also be invited to join a special Facebook group for beta testers and you will have access to the regular Starry Fertility Facebook Group for charting peer support.