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Remembering My First Homebirth

Remembering My First Homebirth | Starry-Eyed Pragmatist

I had my first homebirth in 2009. My previous births were all in a hospital. My fourth born child, Luke, was born at home in Austell, Georgia, USA. That child’s birth was among those featured in Elephant Journal’s Homebirth Unveiled—The Voice & Heart of Homebirth Mothers. (150+photos). This photo and commentary is what I submitted […]

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A Super Long List of Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs)

A Super Long List of Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) | Starry-Eyed Pragmatist

There are lots of different FABMs to help a woman figure out when she is fertile and infertile each cycle. Some have a better efficacy than others, however choosing a method that you will actually follow is way better than badly following another “better” method. Here’s a list of all the FABMs I know about, along with a few things that get commonly get mistaken as FABMs.

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Fertility Awareness & Self Directed Learning

Fertility Awareness & Self Directed Learning | Starry-Eyed Pragmatist

In the last year my interest in learning more about fertility awareness has grown beyond simply what’s needed to effectively fertility chart for myself into something much bigger. I would definitely say it’s now an obsessive, passionate interest of mine! It’s been really interesting for me to think of this interest in the context of unschooling…

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Life in Riyadh

Life in Riyadh | Starr-Eyed Pragmatist

Who knew that life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia would end up being this wonderful balance of isolation, adventure, and modern convenience! So far I’m really liking our life in KSA. It’s strange, I kinda feel like I should be posting interesting pictures and anecdotes about our new life for friends and family back home, but […]

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