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Starry Fertility Custom Coaching Program

You’re here because you want to learn how to accurately and effectively chart your fertility.​​

Maybe you’ve even tried learning to chart on your own and it’s just not making sense. Your cycle is not matching the textbook cycle. Or perhaps, you don’t even want to bother with self-teaching. You want to accelerate your learning and get it right the first time.

You want to be 100% confident in your charting.​

You want to be able to identify fertility and infertility in your chart not just when things are simple and easy, but even when your hormones are not playing nice and your chart is more complicated. Whether you are trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy (or something in between!), you want to have the tools to manage all sorts of possibilities. There will be times in your life when your cycle is confusing and not playing nice. You want to be able to confidently and independently manage your fertility no matter what life brings.

You want to become an expert on your own hormonal patterns.

You’ll be able to quickly identify potential health problems, because you will know when something is out of line from your individual hormonal pattern. You will be able to track the progress of healthy lifestyle improvements through your chart.

Yes! I Want This!

MY story


I have worked as a doula and childbirth educator in the past. I also have over 14 years experience with lots of different Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs). I have a Bachelor of Education degree and have worked in various capacities teaching, coaching, and mentoring women for over a decade. Through my own interest and research I have developed a fairly broad knowledge of lots of different fertility awareness protocols. I’m a certified fertility awareness educator with training from Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM), the SymptoTherm Foundation (Sympto) and WOOMB International (Billings).

Informed Choice

My goal for women is that a woman’s health decisions from puberty to menopause should be informed by an understanding of the healthy functioning of her body, and observations of her own cycle patterns. The approach I take is one of helping women and couples make informed choices and accurate risk assessment. From my work as a birth doula prior to transitioning to teaching fertility awareness, the value of informed choice, trust, and respect for the autonomy of the women I work with has definitely carried over into my approach to teaching fertility awareness.

About the Program

Starry Fertility
Custom Coaching

With my customized charting approach, we basically look at a multitude of evidence based charting approaches and tailor the exact protocol to fit your individual needs. I like to keep the spots for Starry Fertility Custom Coaching program to only a few new clients at a time, because of how closely I like to work with each client. 

I’m only interested in working one to one with people who are serious about learning to chart and ready to dig in. I require a six month initial commitment. After six months of followup, clients are welcome to work with me month to month or on an as-needed basis.  The six month clock starts with our first meeting or 30 days after purchase, whichever happens first.  

Typically the first meeting lasts 1-2 hours. There’s a lot for us to discuss. Then the first follow-up meeting is two weeks after that. I usually plan for about an hour for that meeting. I basically keep sticking to two week face-to-face follow ups until I feel good that we can stretch things out a bit and then we go to 4 weeks and eventually 6 weeks. Sometimes things will happen and alert me that we need to go back to two week follow-ups. It really depends on the individual client. 

The thing is, I don’t like charging by the appointment, because that encourages clients to minimize followups, and I don’t like having a forced followup schedule, because that makes it difficult to tailor things to each individual. My goal is to get you to have confidence and independence in your charting. I want to have the flexibility to schedule as many followups as I deem necessary to reach that goal. 

I also want you to be able to easily budget for this program. I am a mother of six children and very budget conscious. I don’t mind spending money for good value, however I need to be able to plan for it in our family budget. This program is one set cost, no matter how many followups you have or messages you send.

That brings me to messaging support. Between followup meetings you have unlimited messaging support for as long as you are in the program. Say you think you’ve identified ovulation in your chart, but we don’t have another followup scheduled for another week. Just send me a message to go check your chart. I use a specific program for messaging support, so that I make sure to see each of my clients messages and it doesn’t get lost among my personal messages. 

As we go through our followups I will give you various PDF handouts to help you remember basic concepts and refer back to when you are unsure. With your permission, I will record our individual virtual meetings and give a link to review those any time you like. I also have a private Facebook group that you will be allowed to join and interact with other fertility chartings. 

I work with all types of cycle presentations, from regular cycles, irregular cycles, postpartum, premenopause, coming off hormonal birth control or IUD use, you name it. However, I do not work with people still on hormonal birth control (HBC). So, if you’re on HBC, then you’ll need to get off HBC prior to working with me. I’m happy to handhold you through that transition. 

I will teach you both how to chart to avoid pregnancy and chart to achieve pregnancy, but with a focus on whatever is your individual intention. I will help you learn to match your behavior with your intention so that you can achieve your fertility charting goals. 

I also teach best practices that are in alignment with Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) approaches to fertility charting. If we see a need for you to see a medical provider, then I will be able to connect you with a doctor that will be friendly to charting and knows how to read a chart to better inform their diagnosis, treatment, and assessment. I will teach you how to chart in a way that the RRM provider has been trained to read. In alignment with this goal, I have my clients us the Chart Neo app, which was developed specifically for use with an RRM approach. Chart Neo also has build-in Tempdrop integration. I include a one year subscription to Chart Neo with my customized charting program. 

So, to quickly summarize, see below for what’s included. 

What's included

Six Months of Custom Charting Support

CM, BBT, LH, & Calculations for TTA & TTC

Individualized instruction in CM, BBT, LH, and Calculations for both TTA and TTC.

Personalized approach

Personalized approach suited to your particular cycle presentation and charting goals

RRM Best Practices

Best Practices for sharing your chart with an Restorative Reproductive Medicine trained doctor

Femtech advice

Advice on savvy use of femtech in your charting

Virtual meetings

Individualized Virtual Meeting Followup Schedule tailored to your individual cycle needs

MessaginG Support

Unlimited Messaging Support for the duration of the program


Lots of PDF Handouts to remind you of various evidence based best practices we discuss

Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group to connect with other women charting their fertility

Chart Neo App

Chart Neo app subscription (one year)

Starry Fertility
Custom Coaching Program
$300/month or $1500/6 months


Payment plans and bulk discounts also available!

A Plan You Can Budget For

I am a mother of six children and very budget conscious. I don’t mind spending money for good value, however I need to be able to plan for it in our family budget. This program is set cost you can budget for, no matter how many followups you have or messages you send. I want you to know upfront exactly how much to plan to for in your budget. 

Apply Now

It’s important to me that we are a good fit to work together for this program, which is why instead a “Buy Now” button, I have an “Apply Now” button. So, just click the “Apply Now” button, fill out the form, and we’ll go from there.