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Starry Fertility
Scholarship Program

Learn to chart your fertility absolutely free. The Starry Fertility Scholarship Program offers one to one private instruction in either the Billings Ovulation Method or TeenFEMM (depending on which is the better fit for your circumstance). 

About the program

The Starry Fertility Scholarship Program was founded out of the desire to make fertility awareness accessible to all while still providing a professional wage to those that teach it. Fertility awareness instructors are absolutely worth the fees they charge. They provide so much value to the lives of women for years and years beyond the season when they instruct the women. Fertility awareness instructors should not be expected to work for free. However, it’s also true that since fertility awareness instruction is not government subsidized, like hormonal birth control or public education, there can be a real financial barrier to accessing high quality instruction for some. The Starry Fertility Scholarship Program is an effort to help close that gap.

The program seeks to offer high quality, personalized instruction in charting the foundational body literacy fertility sign of cervical mucus.  Cervical mucus charting needs no special devices or disposable tests purchased in order to accurately observe this sign. However, there are biological constraints to learning to chart cervical mucus. Instruction in cervical mucus charting is only available to women with a cervix and the potential to ovulate. Cervical mucus is also the primary sign used by most Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) providers to help diagnose, treat, and assess progress of treatment of a reproductive health issue. It is a foundational fertility sign. 

The program offers instruction in either the Billings Ovulation Method or TeenFEMM, depending on whichever is the better fit for your individual circumstance. The time of the program is variable for each individual up to one year. If women need instruction beyond one year, then they would need to reapply. The objective is confidence and competence in charting and that may happen in different timeframes for different women.  The program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of different women in different life phases. 

Pay It Forward

If you have been helped by the Starry Fertility Scholarship Program or you would just like to see more women helped by the program, please donate whatever amount you can to help pay for future women to learn the vital body literacy skill of charting her fertility. 


Application Closed
All Slots Currently Full

All available instruction slots that the current budget allows for are full. 

Please consider donating to fund additional instruction slots.