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Fertility Awareness Project Podcast Interview

In the spring of 2022, I was interviewed on the Fertility Awareness Project podcast by Nathalie Daudet. We dig into how fertility intentions plays a role in FABM decision-making, my journey as a FABM charter and educator, and we announce a project I’ve been dying to tell y’all about: Fertility Knowledge Collective! Listen to the

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My Fleece Coat: Exploring Clothing, Sex Appeal, and Self Worth

I originally wrote this reflection in 2019, well before all our lives became so home centered with the COVID-19 pandemic. I happened upon it again recently and thought it was even more timely as so many of us are choosing the most comfortable clothing for the vast majority of our days spent at home. I

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Practical List of Homeschool Resources

So many families are starting out homeschooling for the first time this year, and even more are now venturing into digital learning from home. Either way, your home is now your student’s learning environment, whether you have classes on a computer or not. A saying I like to remind myself of, especially when I’m frustrated

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Using the Chart Neo app with Billings

Now, I know the Chart Neo app is primarily designed to be used with the Neo Fertility protocol, but can it be used with other protocols? Yes! The Chart Neo app is one of my favorite options for being able to chart my Billings cervical mucus observations with cross checks. […]

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How We Handle Dirty Dishes

How we handle dirty dishes is either genius or maybe next level laziness. I haven’t quite decided, but it’s certainly been a sanity saver. And if it helps you, even better! So, first off, everyone gets one set of dishes to use: plate, bowl, cup, fork, spoon, knife. You just rinse and reuse throughout the

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Getting Started with Chart Neo & Tempdrop

This guide was originally created for the Tempdrop Group, a Facebook group for users who have purchased a Tempdrop (TD), which is why there is a heavy focus on Tempdrop integration in this guide. However, you do not have to own a Tempdrop to use the Chart Neo app. The Chart Neo app is primarily

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