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Remembering My First Homebirth

Remembering My First Homebirth | Starry-Eyed Pragmatist

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I had my first homebirth in 2009. My previous births were all in a hospital. My fourth born child, Luke, was born at home in Austell, Georgia, USA. That child’s birth was among those featured in Elephant Journal’s Homebirth Unveiled—The Voice & Heart of Homebirth Mothers. (150+photos). This photo and commentary is what I submitted for his homebirth.

Remembering My First Homebirth | Starry-Eyed Pragmatist
“After three hospital births I was amazed at how smoothly, simply, and just normal the labor and birth process went at home. Nothing about my labor needed to be managed or augmented, my body and mind just knew what to do and when to do it.” — Baby Luke birthed at home by Tami in Austell, GA

Luke’s homebirth was truly a great experience. I went on to have two more homebirths while living abroad in the United Arab Emirates. My homebirths have been some of my most cherished experiences of my life. I would happily experience any of them over again in a heartbeat.