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Life in Riyadh

Life in Riyadh | Starr-Eyed Pragmatist

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Who knew that life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia would end up being this wonderful balance of isolation, adventure, and modern convenience! So far I’m really liking our life in KSA. It’s strange, I kinda feel like I should be posting interesting pictures and anecdotes about our new life for friends and family back home, but the thing I love most is the wonderfully mundane and simple life we’re able to live, free of a bunch of social obligations. Every interaction is completely on our terms and in our own relaxed timing.

I’m extremely introverted (happily so) and one of the things that annoys me about life in the US is the glorification of busy. I’m loving how slow and simple our lives are here. There is of course some busyness with getting settled in and sorting out the most efficient way to run a household in a new home, but that’s to be expected. In fact, being in the middle of the craziness of moving house and settling in makes me even more appreciative of the slow simplicity of the rest of our life here.

I’m sure some culture shock will hit me soon enough, but for right now I’m enjoying being in the blissful bubble of novelty and simplicity.